Creation of sound Credit Management Policies and Procedures and implementation.

Laurie Brenssell Credit Consultant with 35 years experience, knows the frustrations of asking customers for money!!

Often credit staff or employees are put in a role actively seeking overdue payments from customers, with very little training or experience and worst of all they lack confidence or it could be a small privately owned business (SME) who are simply trying to be all and everything to their customers but are too scared or hesitant to make the call to seek payment for fear of losing that customer to a competitor or simply encouraging them not to purchase from that business again!!

Laurie Brenssell Credit Consultants understand the psychology of debtors and how and why they display the many emotions or behaviours experienced by companies seeking payment. Those emotions and behaviours can range from Lies, Excuses, Delaying Tactics, Aggression, Avoidance, Threats, Crying, Disputes and many more – yet in most cases the debtor wants to pay, they simply cannot at the time and these emotions and behaviours are the tools they use to create avoidance of their payment responsibilities to you.

Laurie Brenssell Credit Consultants can provide the confidence to deal with these, establish strong credit policies and procedures and implement the correct documentation and systems required to reduce or eliminate your company’s exposure to overdue debtors.